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My name is Rubén Gómez. I'm a professional programmer and sysadmin, occasionally dabbling in design, and an enthusiast of technology that improves people's lives.

As an amateur programmer, I, along with two good friends, won second prize in the megademo competition at the Euskal Party in 1996 with our project “Hypnotic”.

My professional experience began shortly after that in the video game industry. The most notable project I worked on was “Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines” at Pyro Studios. Afterward, I spent some time programming smart switchboard services using C++. Then, I dove into the world of Internet web services as a sysadmin (BSD and Linux systems) and as a Full Stack developer, primarily using the LAMP stack.

Currently, I continue to work as a Full Stack developer for an international translation services company. However, my curiosity about IT and everything related to it never ceases.

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